Shaktipat Master – Sadguru Kedarji

Shaktipat Master Sadguru Kedarji
What Is Guru’s Grace? – The Foundation of Our Approach

Shaktipat Master
What Is A Sadguru and Why Is A Guru Necessary?

The Importance of A Spiritual Master

An authentic Shaktipat Master, one who is a Sadguru (true Guru), is essential for the receipt of Guru’s Grace. Any true spiritual path must be one in which you are led to spiritual transformation that is permanent. Spiritual growth that is more than just a mere glimpse requires a means to permanent spiritual transformation. That means is Grace. Grace is the middle, the beginning and the end. This transformative Grace only comes from a Shaktipat Master who has served another Sadguru for many years.

Shaktipat Master – Shaktipat Blessing

Sadguru Kedarji has made great use of these roles by including what he has learned in how he now leads people to the ongoing experience of the highest Intelligence possible – The Abode of The Heart. By the Blessing and Grace of his Master, these roles have been useful in preparing him for the role he has now taken up. As with the great Sages of our lineage that dates back to the pre-bronze age, Sadguru Kedarji refuses to be placed in a box or defined in just one way. He uses every God-given ability he has to make himself more accessible and useful to those who have Longing in their hearts to know the profound Truth of their existence here.

His ability and authority to lead others to permanent spiritual transformation and realization of the Self is evident in the many video blogs at this web site. It also becomes evident in the posted experience shares, the documented statistics, and conversations with those who have served our mission the longest. You may also be interested in reading his spiritual autobiography, Vibration of Divine Consciousness.

You can find out who Sadguru Kedarji is, and how the power of Grace that he transmits at all times can impact your life for the better, by spending some time in his company. We invite you to attend any of the events that he leads.

The Necessity For A Shaktipat Master

All spiritual attainment must be tested. How else will you know the difference between where you think you’re at and where you’re really at? Just as in the fields of science, engineering, performing arts and athletics, a competent mentor with experience is required for success, so too in spiritual life, a competent Sadguru is necessary.

Only One Who Has Obeyed Can Command

We live in a time where people want everything fast, with no real effort or extended sacrifice. This is very unfortunate for mundane life, but even more so in spiritual life. Many today want to teach before having imbibed and this is a travesty for you, the seeker of the Truth, to be wary of. A Shaktipat Master is a Guru who was a disciple of another Master for many years – one who has become a worthy disciple through the Grace, Blessings and tests of another Shaktipat Master.

A Shaktipat Master Tests Your Attainment

When you went to college, wasn’t your attainment of knowledge tested? And who tested you? The teacher who is the authority in the knowledge you are being taught. Isn’t this so? And who decided whether or not you passed your tests and did well enough to indicate that you had really learned the material? That same authority. In spiritual life it is no different. The Shaktipat Master, if he/she is an authentic Sadguru, blesses you with Guru’s Grace necessary to empower your permanent spiritual transformation, and also provides the tests of that transformation. Such a Shaktipat Master is at the center any time-honored, proved spiritual path to spiritual enlightenment that is founded on verifiable, inner experiences of your true nature – the Self.

The only thing required for spiritual growth is detachment from worldly pleasures. If you don’t listen to this, you will fail in the end. The thoughtless state, the state of detachment, is the highest state. How can there be desire in the state of detachment? It is not the world the yogi gives up, it is desire for worldly sense pleasure. The true yogi is full and content whether he is a pauper or a rich man. If pleasurable things come your way, experience them, but never go looking. Always be content in yourself wherever you are and whatever your circumstances.

~ Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri