Introduction To The Art of Inner Transformation – Cleveland, OH

What Would You Give To Live
In A State of Grace, Joy and Inspiration
That Is Permanent?
Intro Event – One Night – Three Hours

The Art of Inner Transformation is a curriculum of programs, retreats and courses, designed by Sadguru Kedarji for you to experience a new dimension in permanent spiritual transformation and total well-being.

These are special introductory events led by Sadguru Kedarji and staff program leaders. These events are designed to give first-timers an experience of what is in store for you when you engage our school’s curriculum.

 Be With Sadguru Kedarji
Wednesday, July 12th, 2017. 7-10pm.
Introduction to The Art of Inner Transformation
and The Supreme Intelligence Phenomenon


  • Peace of Mind and Fearlessness
  • A Sharper Mind and Increased Inspiration for Daily Living
  • The Inner Strength Necessary To Take On Life’s Challenges
  • Learn To Live In A State of Grace and Joy, Permanently

A light snack and refreshments will be served,
free! when the event ends at 9:30pm
Elements of Synergy – North Coast Wellness
Across from East Gate Shopping Center
1438 SOM Center Road, Suite 200, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

There is a suggested donation of $15 collected at the door. **Handicapped accessible.

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Mayfield Heights (Cleveland), OH.
Introduction To The Art of Inner Transformation With Sadguru Kedarji
3-Hour Introductory Event

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  • Experience The Presence of Sadguru Kedarji.
  • Learn of The Benefits of The Art of Inner Transformation Curriculum.
  • Experience our Witness Consciousness Centering Method For Making The Mind Quiet In Under 3 Minutes.
  • Experience The Power of Mantra Yoga.
  • Learn About The Spiritual Power of The Arc.
  • Learn More About The Supreme Intelligence Phenomenon.

Stay at the end of the event to meet Sadguru Kedarji, our staff, and enjoy food and refreshments.