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“What can be said about being in the presence of Sadguru Kedarji? There is truly no other place in the world I’d rather be. There is no other thing I’d rather be doing, and no other being I’d rather be with. The Grace transmitted by being in Sadguru Kedarji’s presence – from his gaze to his laughter, is unfathomable. Being with Sadguru Kedarji causes me to want to know and experience my True Nature. Being in Sadguru Kedarji’s presence immerses me in Divine Love without distinctions and allows me to see the face of God leading me back Home to the Abode of the Heart. A great sage has called this Heart the hub of all sacred places and that we should go there and roam. Be in Sadguru Kedarji’s presence and you will roam there.
~ Amanda H., Erie PA.

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The Art of Inner Transformation curriculum includes 4 pillars of Total Well-Being.

1. Spiritual Power 2. Improved Mental State 3. Emotional Resilience 
4. Vibrant Health of The Physical Body

The last 3 are integrated into the first to provide you with a complete,
1-stop experience to end your seeking on all levels – to secure your transformation to Total Well-Being. 
View the video below for what some students of our school have to say about their experience of these 4 pillars.



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Sadguru Kedarji and The Art of Inner Transformation.

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Inspired Living
Through Permanent Spiritual Transformation

“When I first began attending programs, I didn’t understand what the significance of Satsang, or being in Sadguru Kedarji’s company was about. And then I had an experience of Grace that instantly opened my eyes and saved me from making a mistake. That was the moment that I knew that I was not just in the presence of a teacher, but I was in the presence of a great being, a true Sadguru. I was being spiritually led, unconditionally loved and supported in one of my worst moments, and Sadguru Kedarji didn’t even utter a word to me! It simply happened by His Grace. To have such a connection is indescribable.

Now when its time for Satsang with Kedarji, I can’t wait to be there! To be in his presence is both uplifting and calming. He knows just what I need and how to encourage me to keep going in my Sadhana; be it laughter to lighten my mood, a compassionate glance, the voice of reason, or the Grace of having an inner knowing. Its like being with a cherished friend who I never want to leave.”
~ Deana T., Canfield OH

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The Art of Inner Transformation programs consist of wonderful and useful talks on the methods and practices of The Art of Inner Transformation that can be applied to all the areas of your life. Programs include chanting and Witness Consciousness Centering, our proprietary method for making the restless mind quiet in under 3 minutes.

Our programs are also a means of supporting the methods and practices students learn in our weekend Shaktipat Meditation Retreats and our courses. All programs are held in small groups in a quiet setting.

Come join us!



Permanent Spiritual Transformation and Total Well-Being

You are so much greater than you think you are! At the core of your being is a power so great, so phenomenal that, once harnessed, will allow you to spontaneously and permanently master all the energies of your existence here! Come experience it for yourself in Sadguru Kedarji’s company. These events are open to men and women of all ages. **We are family-friendly!


The Art of Inner Transformation is not a dogma, philosophy or religion. This offering provides methods for increasing the spiritual awareness and experiences that provide entrance into new and greater dimensions of being, loving and life-changing skills that allow you to live in a state of Grace.

You do not need to leave your faith, church, mosque, temple, religious/spiritual affiliation to benefit from and embrace The Art of Inner Transformation with Sadguru Kedarji.

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Experience Sadguru Kedarji’s Presence

  • Make Your Restless Mind Quiet In Under 3 Minutes.
  • Life-changing Skills For Mastering All The Energies of Your Life.
  • Inner Peace, Inner Strength, Divine Inspiration and Pure Intuition.
  • The Power To Heal That Is Discovered Beyond The Mind and Senses.
  • Mental Clarity, Freedom From The Roller Coaster of Emotions, Inspired Decision-Making.

Life is the embodiment of a Supreme Intelligence that we also refer to as the Self. Our existence here is a privilege given to us for realizing our True nature in the moment, from moment-to-moment, in the transforming Love and Light of the true Heart. This transforming Love of the Abode of The Heart already exists in you in its fullness. When fully realized and properly expressed, this Love will burn away all that you are not. Here we learn how to embrace and reflect this Love and Light by keeping Sadguru Kedarji’s company. Statistics prove the effectiveness of The Art of Inner Transformation.

Introduce yourself to the practices of The Art of Inner Transformation and Discover the Abode of the Heart. Every month we hold programs in an environment designed to be free of distractions, for those seeking permanent spiritual transformation. These programs are led by Sadguru Kedarji and program leaders in our spiritual community.